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Our Mission

Our mission is to significantly improve, elevate and enrich the lives of everyone we work with. We do this by working with each individual toward the complete realization of their potential, and the full development of their abilities and appreciation for life. We utilize a set of psychological principles known as self-actualization, first brought to light by humanistic psychologist, Abraham Maslow in 1943.  We have adopted his methodologies and brought them into the 21st Century. 


EmergeCore was founded by, Author, Speaker, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and Hypnotist, Eric Straton and his Accredited and Certified Life Coach wife, Ruthanna Straton.

After nearly two decades of helping individuals reach their maximum potential and live each day with passion and purpose, they have taken the positive psychological and motivational theories of self-actualization and combined them with the latest and best of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Messaging Techniques, creating what they refer to as Actualize 2.0.  In addition, ideas are included that have been gleamed from results of studies in the areas of Neuro and Behavioral Science, particularly in the area of how the human mind perceives the world around it.

Our goal, here at EmergeCore, is to help you expand personal responsibility, awareness, philosophy, mindset, leadership, and mental toughness. In addition, we work to uncover and help change those core beliefs that hold you back from achieving your personal self-actualization.

At EmergeCore, we work with all kinds of individuals who are full of momentum, and who want to take their lives, relationships and careers to the highest levels of self development. If this describes you, then EmergeCore and Actualize 2.0 are for you.

Our Founders, Ruthanna and Eric Straton, have developed this results getting program after gaining years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the areas of Personal Growth.  It is their express goal to help bring back these seminal ideas, and integrate them into modern theory and research on well-being and personality.

If you, would like to know more about EmergeCore's Actualize 2.0 Program and start living your best life today, call to set up your first one on one Master Mind Session.

Remote (Zoom), or In Office Consultations Available

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DeAnna D.

I have been working with Eric Straton for several months. I have been to counselors, (individual and marital)psychologist and psychiatrist. I feel like none of them had the skills to help me or really even cared to help me. I was just a number.
I was always doing talk therapy with no real set plan on how I was going to heal and get through the anxiety and depression that has been brought on through trauma.
Ruthanna, Eric’s wife, is one of my facebook friends. I had made a few posts about suffering with anxiety and depression. Ruthanna contacted me, a few times, telling me to contact Eric, she thought he could help. Honestly, I was resistant. I did not like to talk on the phone and I felt I was a hopeless case. I appreciate Ruthanna’s persistence.
Eric is wise, understanding and genuinely cares about people. His sense of humor helps me feel at ease during our sessions. There is no judgement from Eric instead he just understands.
He has helped me to understand my anxiety and control my panic attacks!
If you need help please give Eric a try!

Brian F.

"Eric, you are a true pioneer in the industry of positive thinking and personal self development"

Mark & Donna V.

"Eric is definitely the real deal.  We came to him to find better ways to communicate, get along and just be civil to each other.  We were on the verge of divorce and arguing every single day.  Nearly one year later, we communicate, listen and speak kindly to one another.  He gave us the tools to be more attentive to the other persons thoughts, feelings and held us accountable for what we said and did.  He gave us the tools necessary to be successful as a married couple.  It was without a doubt hard work, but we continue to strive for what we had in the beginning of our relationship.  It is like night and day where we have come from.  If you listen and put in the work, Eric is without a doubt the best in the business.  We highly recommend him if you are dealing with issues that you can't get past."

Duane M.

"I was at a complete standstill in my life.  I was frustated and unhappy because no matter what I did nothing changed or got better.  I realized I needed help if I was ever going to live the life I dreamed about.  Then I met Eric and Ruthanna and things began to change.  They worked closely with me to uncover what I was passionate about and how to transition to the life I want.  They have become my life and career coaches, mentors and true friends.  If you are feeling stuck in life, I highly recommend contacting these folks...Eric and Ruthanna I love you guys!"

Tom D.

My marrage of 20 plus years was a complete mess.  My wife and I had separated and in the process of getting a divorce.  As a result my personal life was falling apart as well.  I began to seek help with Eric and found him to be a great listener, as well as being completely non-judgemental.  He helped me realize how much I still loved my wife.  He armed us with what we needed to get past our difficulties, and rebuild the spark we once had.  We have since reunited and even renewed our wedding vows.  Thanks for helping us get our life back!

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