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If you are looking to communicate a concept, brand, or business through the utilization of video, our mission is to provide the best results oriented solutions for your content production and distribution needs.

Emergecore, develops custom TV channels that are made available through Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  In addition, we are a full service, in-house, video and content production facility.

Whether a Broadcaster, Producer or Company we can work with you to develop impactful, powerful presentations delivered through state-of-the-art connected televison technolgies maximizing results.

The number of US connected TV users has reached 182.6 million.  Nearly one-third (32.4%) of those users use Roku.  26.6% utilize Amazon Fire, this is a combined share of 59% of all connected TV users.  You can imagine the power and influence your message could have with a combined potential audience of over 100 million.

Roku and Amazon Fire are leaders in a television revolution.  More and more consumers are tired of their cable and satilite television delivery systems.  They are cutting the cord, and moving to over the internet delivery platforms.  Cable and Satilite have both sufferd user declines while internet delivered TV is experiencing tremendous growth. 

We are on the horizon of a major shift in the way consumers bring television and entertainment into their homes.  The future is about Internet Connected Television and Emergecore is a leader in this field.

If you would like to find out more about how internet connected TV can help your business grow contact Emergecore Today!


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