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What We Do---What Sets Us Apart

What do we do that sets us apart from our competitors?  The answer is simple, we couple the latest digital technologies with the latest Neuroscience discoveries, to create powerful, impactful and engaging marketing and advertising campaigns. Using Neuromarketing, we are able to create smarter marketing, and advertising campaigns that will boost effectiveness.  The goal being to understand how your prospect/customer's brain actually works, and what effects your marketing will have.  Consumers are subconsciously defining what they want, how much they will pay, and what types of promotions and ads appeal to them.  The key to maximizing positive results in your marketing is understanding this.

Neuromarketing is taking the world by storm, but despite it's widespread influence, on todays marketing world, many people do not know what it is, or how it can be effective for their business.  The following are a number of examples of Neuromarketing in action.

Frito-Lay discovered that Matt bags with pictures of Potatoes did not trigger a negative response, whereas shiny bags with pictures of chips on them did.  Within months, new bags were designed and the shiny ones were scrapped.

PayPal discovered that commercials focusing on speed and convenience triggered a significantly higher response than those advertising safety and security.

Michelin Tires for years used babies in it's ads, why, "Because So Much Is Riding On Your Tires". These ads were highly successful because when we see a baby, we smile, and it makes us happy. That emotion triggers a positive response, and that response conditions us to be agreeable to what is told to us in the ad.

These are just a few examples of Neuromarketing in action.  When putting a marketing/advertising campaign together a numerous volume of factors must be considered.  Images, colors, linguistics, object and content placement, types of fonts used, use of gaze to direct attention, testamonials and much more.

Understanding the most basic roots of human emotion is vital in comprehending a consumers purchasing behavior.

The beauty of Neuromarketing is its ability to integrate into both outbound, and inbound marketing strategies.  The examples discussed here are all tactics our brain subconciously responds to.

What separates us from the rest, we are experts in the science of Neuromarketing.  Below is a list of inhouse services we make available to our clients.


Digital Media Services Available

Smart Display Content Design and Management

Interactive Video Production

Youtube and Social Media Content Creation & Management

Graphic Ad Design and Publishing

Mobile Marketing

Advanced TV (Roku Channel Developer)

Our development teams are adding new services, and features all the time. We want our clients to have the most up-to-date tools and services available.  Every task we undertake is extensively researched and designed to have the highest impact and engagement on consumers.


The EmergeCore team meets with each prospective client, and performs an in-depth digital media marketing and advertising analysis, at no charge or obligation. The purpose of this study is to better acquaint us with your business, and to provide you with information as to what is working, and what technologies are available to you.  We understand each client’s business is unique, and requires digital media marketing tools specifically designed to meet each individual businesses needs. Every digital presentation we produce is custom tailored to each specific clients requirements, utilizing the latest Digital Technologies and Neuromarketing techniques and strategies. Our team of highly skilled Digital Media Producers coupled with Neuromarketing expertise has a highly successful background in developing engaging, powerful digital media presentations that get results. We now make this vast wealth of information, knowledge, experience and expertise available to you.


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