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In a world with a lot of advertising hype, and promises EmergeCore's vision is simple, deliver Digital Media Presentations and Content, that get real results for our clients. Presentation tools and strategies, that will contribute directly to our clients business growth, and therefore their bottom line.  We accomplish this by utilizing breakthrough digital Technologies, and the latest developments in neuromarketing, validated by real studies, that have contributed to revolutionary results for our clients.  EmergeCore is real people, creating real change in the way products, and services are marketed, and advertised across the globe.

What Is Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing studies which emotions are relevant in human decision making, and uses this knowledge to improve marketing's effectiveness. The knowledge is applied in product design, enhancing promotions and advertising, pricing, store design and the improving of the consumer experience as a whole.

The field is on the intersection of marketing, neuro-economics, neuroscience, consumer neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Neuromarketing in Advertising 

Neuromarketing applied to advertising uses neuromarketing principles to develop ads and campaigns. While advertising is mainly a creative process, neuromarketing can add value by better understanding the effects of ads on human beings. Neuromarketing is well developed in ad-testing on effectiveness, predicting how well it is related to likability and sales. 

Neuromarketing is currently looking for ways to apply the knowledge, on ad effectiveness, in an earlier stage of the creative process. Neuromarketing uses knowledge from consumer neuroscience, and applies it to different areas of marketing.   Our company is well versed in the science of Neuromarketing, and we apply these principles to all that we do.  Whether designing a website, producing a video or tv ad, or managing a clients social media campaigns, the strategies and principles of Neuromarketing are applied.

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